Principle of Goodness

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Peace Legacy will focus on practical application of the Principle of Goodness to anything and everything that can help build a peaceful world. »Read more

Light, Goodness, The Tree of Life

The Principle of Goodness was discovered by Ron House and is being co-developed by both Ron House and Gitie House. The short book, Light, Goodness, The Tree of Life, a joint work, is the first and seminal work explaining the kernel of this Principle. »Read more

Collected Papers

Below are some papers exploring aspects and implications of the Principle of Goodness. As ethics is involved in just about everything, these papers can range across almost any subjects. More will be added, and feel free to contribute!

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Short Introduction

A Realist, Universal Ethical Theory.

The Principle of Goodness asserts that Good and evil are realities, described as follows:

  • Goodness is to attempt to benefit everyone;
  • evil is to attempt to harm even a single innocent one.
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