This site is devoted to the scholarly study of the Principle of Goodness, a new fundamental ethical philosophy solving many long-standing problems in utilitarianism and other normative ethical theories.

New Site on Peace!

Our new site on creating peace,, has been released!

Peace Legacy will focus on practical application of the Principle of Goodness to anything and everything that can help build a peaceful world. »Read more

Principle of Goodness for World Peace

The First World War was the war to end all wars; the fall of communism was the End of History — or so they said. But we have the means to destroy life on Earth: with war, or environmental collapse, or runaway greenhouse, or pollution — you name it. And peace, true, secure, safe peace, is as far away as ever, and the danger all too real.

If things go on as they are, sooner or later, disaster is inevitable. So what's missing? »Read more

Welcome to the Site

This is the academic website for the Principle of Goodness. Our goal here is to collect all reasoned discussion about the Principle, including materials submitted by others, even if critical. Only if all aspects of this important ethical theory can be examined, will readers be able to form a reasoned opinion. »Read more

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